Just Kidding

Yeah that was a joke. So I still haven't found a jerb but I'll probably be working for the same grocery store chain again, and uh you know, survive an shit. How are you bros anyhow? You should post some shat as I get on internets very seldom. Update me on your existence if possible. Kuebel and grey do some raids yet? Epic gems had with the jebus and such on that there Men of war? Working for Crysis amazing, rickd?

I plan on getting a laptop as soon as I have the means to, living in a pretty shit area of Austin with the bro and dad. I sleep in a living room with nothing but a throw rug and a TV on the floor, shits ballza. But in light of things I've had more time to read and play guitar I suppose, though I do miss the distraction of inanets and vidya games. I'm doing alright as well in terms of my mental health, I've been documenting and analyzing myself, possibly early work for a thesis? Wishful thinking most likely, but the documentation has helped me cope with some recurrences of hallucinations, I could maybe blog some of the notes if requested. The recurrences haven't been as dramatic or detailed as when I consciously participated in their composition. It has become a matter of rejecting them, as well as finding their possibly source...But yeah maintaining my sanity, watching the most TV I've done in recent memory, guitar, reading, and jerb hutning. That's basically what life's been so far...Saw a special on M theory, or Membrane Theory, really interesting stuff regarding the possibility of a parallel universe. So TV isn't so bad, though interesting stuff like that seems to come far and few between.

Humblest regards,
Obsequious salutations,
Deferential biddings,
Cordial closing,

P.s Regarding my mental health, I've decided to blog it separately on my own http://adamslettersandwords.blogspot.com/



Jebus said...

Ah man, I fuckin knew it dude. Youre a comic genius man.

Graufuchs said...

hey mate.
keep us posted :D
If you need a job I'll spot your air-fare to jersey and you can come and earn some real dollar. Mexicans are highly regarded over here. You won't have to sell oranges or anything...