Tickets, Surgery, and Shit Filled Tombs

Whats up duderinos.

So I got a speeding ticket a month or so back for going 38 in a 25. Shits gonna end up costing me around $300.00+, and it was my first one. I wasn't that pissed about it at first. It's only money after all. Then as I started thinking about I realized how bullshit it was.

I'll try to get my hands on a digital camera and take some vid of how ridiculous the speed limits are here. For one block it will be 35MPH and then a block away(keep in mind the blocks in my town are small) it will go to a 25MPH. You dont really have time to adjust for the speed change. Another thing is that the town is so small the cops spend their time with bullshit violations as opposed to stopping hard crime.

I also can't help but feel like he pulled me over only to get more contact points. You see, contact points are basically their form of quotas. They don't call them quotas though, because quotas for them are illegal for obvious reasons. It gives officers incentive to arrest people. For Officers, contact points are basically a way for them to judge how much work an officer is doing. Low contact points mean bad review and mean you're more likely to get passed up for a promotion.

Now, an officer gets a contact point anytime they write someone a ticket, or for doing work on an investigative crime, such as robberies or homicides. The problem is that a robbery or homicide takes many hours and the officer will get a single contact point for that. Regardless of if it takes 1 hour or if it takes 6, he or she will only get 1 contact point. However, the officer that sits there writing tickets all day for your broken tail light, or not wearing a seat belt, he gets a contact point for each ticket he writes. So he can easily reached his quota.

Lastly, the shit the pisses me off the most is the price of it. 300 fucking dollars is a lot of money, and for what? Why should that speeding ticket cost 300 dollars? What damages did I cause? How do they figure that number? One last thing, the entirety of the fine money used to go into the general fund so it wasn't that bad. Think of it as donating some money to a good cause. However, the departments now receive a percentage kickback from these fines.

I had forgotten about the ticket for a while, as I said it happened a couple months back. What made me remember was the MegaDeth/Slayer/Testament/Anthrax show that was coming through SF. Shit was on the 21st, my court date on the 27th. Anyway, the show got canceled due to Tom Araya(lead singer of slayer) needing back surgery.

So in other news, I acquired Tomb Raider: Underworld for the Wii. Good god damn that game is horrible. I never really played any other tomb raider game for more than a second so I always assumed that maybe I was just at a slow part and always a second away from the huge hoard of zombie dinosaurs or what the fucker ever.

One thing I can't understand is how, right off the bat, there's this huge fucking octopus thing. That shit has to be pretty rare right? Shit takes up a huge portion of this massive underground hall. So Laura, being an archeologist or whatever should want to maybe preserve this right? Get it in a lab for people to study. No, this bitch drops a huge fucking metal spiked chandelier right on the fuckers dome. The thing doesn't even attack you. It's totally chill. You can swim right up to the mother fucker and blast it in the face and it just keeps on keepin on. Keep in mind, shes doing this so she can find some fucking vase or whatever the fuck those people do.

I did appreciate the parkour/gymnastics style of moving through levels, even though the controls are so fucking batshit retarded. I couldn't help wondering why that feature has never been implemented in any other games. It would be pretty sweet to have that in a game filled with action.

Anyway, I can't stand to write anymore at the moment. I'll try to write more in the future. Let me know what you guys think about Tomb Raider if you've played it before, speeding tickets or corrupt systems like quotas, or any awesome metal news if you've heard any.




Hey, why don't you guys post on here much? I'm still not sure when I'll have a computer and I'm pretty sure I wont have a game-capable computer for some time, so you nig nogs should post some random would-be meaningless insights about your lives here, I'd like to read it and reply.

Maybe some game reviews from any one of you would be NEAT. Especially that rick character he's makes me GIGGLE! (mass effect 2 when it's out? or that one you've been playing that dragon sodomy watfk)

Oh and maybe some translations from your other blog Kuebel? That'd be real nifty nig nog.

Tegdim, reviews on chronic? Or anything else at all...

Greyfox reviews on your own bodily fluids and their application?

If any are at all interested my next post on my personal blog will be about the intensity of hallucinations and my experiences. Oh yeah and I'm fucking finally going to start going to college for psychology

Anyway, hope to hear from you guys soon <3